Matehy, Magh Teicheadh, cemetery is located opposite St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in the small village of Matehy; the perimeter of the cemetery is defined by a large stone wall in which is contained some walls of a ruined church, most likely from the later medieval period remain, which are ivy-clad and flanked by a number of towering yew trees. It is a beautiful, old, atmospheric cemetery with some of the earliest burials here dating back to the late 1700’s according to some of the large stone headstones.

A local man, David O’Brien, has catalogued the graves here from the year 1904 to 1980 and has very generously shared his work with me here and graciously allowed me to share it with everyone. It is a fantastic resource for anyone who is doing genealogical research and has ancestors buried here. Even for those who do not have family buried here it is an interesting document to browse.

Please feel free to use this spreadsheet and thanks again to David.