Antonio Eroles is either a half-brother or nephew to the famous Maria Edgeworth.
Maria Edgeworth’s father had four wives – she was born to his first wife. His fourth wife had a son Francis Beaufort Edgeworth who in turn had a son Antonio Eroles Edgeworth. Francis died in 1846 at 37 years of age. Antonio inherited Edgeworth House from his uncle Charles Syned.

Francis Beaufort Edgeworth married Rosa Florentina Eroles, a Catalan who was the daughter of Antonio Eroles, a famous General exiled from Spain by King Ferdinand, and they lived in Italy and England until financial necessity drove them back to Edgeworthstown, where Francis helped run the estate.

Their fifth and last son, born in 1845, was christened Ysidro. Francis died the following year, aged 37. Rosa died in 1864 at 46 years of age.

Antonio had a brother, Francis Ysidro, who was a famous economist, statistician and mathematician. Very interesting read here -

Antonio married Francoise Delcher in Saint James ,Westminster ,London, England 3 Jun 1874. She was a rich widow and they used her money to restore Edgeworth house.

Antonio died later in April 1911 at 67 Leeson Street, Dublin & he is buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Harolds Cross. When Antonio dies his widow Francoise stayed in Edgeworth House and maintained it for Antonio’s brother Francis who inherited it. Antonio was the last member of the Edgeworth family to live in Edgeworth House.

Looks like there was a legal case between Michael Parkenham Edgeworth v Antonio Erroles Edgeworth concerning Lisduff estate, Co. Longford in 1866/1867

  • EDUCATION: Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin; B.A. 1860; M.A.
  • OFFICE: [J.P.] Justice of the Peace for co. Longford.
  • OFFICE: [D.L.] Deputy Lieutenant for co. Longford.
  • OFFICE: High Sheriff, 1890.
  • WILL: Entry> Executor to the will of his brother, David Reid EDGEWORTH, 4 Dec 1871.
  • CONDITION: >> Died without issue.